четверг, 30 апреля 2009 г.

Воззвание. На правах перепечатки. Про кризис. English.

- A recession is unavoidable
- Job losses will continue to grow
- The housing market is abysmal and it may take many years to stabilize
- The commercial real estate market is going to collapse next
- Crime is increasing because people are desperate
- Car makers are on the verge of bankruptcy and that is a terrible tragedy :-)
- Banks aren’t lending money
- More bank failures are coming
- Inflation is inevitable because governments all over the world are printing money
- Even Russians are drinking less vodka :-) etc.

Do all of these sound familiar to you? Does the news scare you?
Do you believe that all of the above are correct?
Perhaps you do believe it.
But in reality does the economy really care what you believe?
What you believe is based on what you are BEING TOLD. What you are being told is OLD news.
What you are being led to believe is likely OVER by now.
What is happening now is what we could guess 1 year ago.

Now we must look forward!
Few questions will give you some food for thought.
- If we are in a recession or a depression or if we are headed that way then WHY major stock indexes (Dow, Nasdaq and others) are considerably higher then last October? Why stock markets are ignoring so bad news?
- WHY prices on major industrial metals (platinum, copper) have rallied substantially for the last few months? Where is the demand coming from?
- If a financial crisis is inevitable then why are investors now exiting gold causing prices to plunge?

Think before you act. Think before you believe.
The exit from the crisis is likely much closer than most people think.
Think about opportunities. Everything will be OK!
(C) Валерий Подымов

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